Announcement of MECO-2018 and ECYPS-2018 dates and venue in Budva, Montenegro.

7th Mediterranean Conference on Embedded Computing MECO 2018


6th EUROMICRO/IEEE Workshop on Embedded  and Cyber-Physical Systems ECYPS’2018


will take place in Montenegro, on June 10-14, 2018, in Hotel Budva****

MECO-2018 to take place in Budva

Hotel BUDVA**** located at the beach in the heard of the city

Hotel Budva in Montenegro

MECO Supporters and Sponsors


MECO supporters and sponsors 



  • (NEW!!!) An exclusive Interview for MECOnet, Tim Hunt, Nobel Laureate
  • (NEW!!!) The results of the first cycle review anounced! See deadlines for the next steps.
  • MECOnet  is the umbrella institution for the MECO project  
  • Sir Richard Timothy Hunt, Nobel in Medicine, Keynote speaker at MECO!
  • The program of Keynotes of MECO 2018 synergizes the research of major universities of the World, with the stress on the symbiosis of modern computing, Nobel Prize winning research in medicine, and the socially responsible economy (six from Europe, four from the USA, and two from Asia): London (Nobel Laureate Tim Hunt), Bristol University (Dahnoun), ETH in Zurich (Onur Mutlu), Paris (Agnis Stibe), Vienna Politechnical (Dustdar), Vienna University (Eduard Mehofer), MIT (Stibe), Harvard U (Moskowitz, SigmaXi Laureate), Carnegie Mellon (Mutlu), University of Massachusetts in Amherst (Israel Koren), Okinava (Sir Tim Hunt), plus the Technion (Koren). Feedback from participants of MECO-2017
  • "Special Issue on Chyber Physical Systems" from MECO&ECYPS 2017
  • byElsevier logoMIPRO special issue cover