CPS&IoT Summer School


You are encouraged to participate in this very special event that gives a unique opportunity to interact with outstanding specialists in the area of Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS) and Internet-of-Things (IoT), and to get acquainted with huge opportunities and impact of CPS and IoT, serious issues and challenges of their development, as well as, newest concepts, advanced knowledge and modern design tools created in numerous ongoing and recently finished European R&D projects in CPS and IoT. The Summer School is possible thanks to involvement of many outstanding researchers and developers from several European projects and countries.

Contemporary cyber-physical systems (CPS) are smart compound systems engineered through seamless integration of embedded information processing sub-systems and physical sub-systems. The modern smart collaborating CPS, that started to form the Cyber-Physical Systems of Systems (CPSoS) and Internet of Things (IoT), have important applications in virtually all economic and social segments, and their huge economic and societal impact rapidly increases. The CPS and IoT area undergoes a revolutionary development. There is however a common opinion that many more well-trained researchers and developers are needed in this rapidly developing area, as well as, more information exchange and collaboration among different projects and teams in the area.

CPS&IoT’2020 Summer School is the second of the series of schools started with a very successful CPS&IoT’2019 Summer School. It aims at serving the following main purposes:
advanced training of industrial and academic researchers, developers, engineers and decision-makers; academic teachers, Ph.D. and M.Sc. students; entrepreneurs, investors, research funding agents, and policy makers; and other participants who want to learn about CPS and IoT engineering;
dissemination, exchange and discussion of advanced knowledge and project results from numerous R&D projects in CPS and IoT;
promotion and facilitation of international contacts and collaboration among people working or interested in the CPS and IoT area.

The school is open to everybody, but previous knowledge or equivalent practical experience at least at the Bachelor level in engineering (e.g. system, computer, electronic, electrical, automotive, aviation, mechanical, or industrial engineering), computer science, informatics, applied physics or similar is recommended.

Distinguishing features of this advanced Summer School are that its lectures, demonstrations, and practical hands-on sessions will be given by top European specialists in particular CPS and IoT fields form industry and academia, and will deliver very fresh advanced knowledge. They are based on results from numerous currently running or recently finished European R&D projects in CPS and IoT, what gives an excellent opportunity to get acquainted with issues and challenges of CPS and IoT development; actual industrial problems, designs and case studies; and new concepts, advanced knowledge and modern design tools created in the European R&D projects.

Industry Participation is encouraged. The Summer School is not only to disseminate R&D results or follow courses and learn new knowledge on CPS and IoT from top professionals, but to meet people, interact and discuss with outstanding researchers, developers, academic lecturers, advanced students, and other participants, collaborate or start collaborations, and meet many talented people who may become employees of your companies as well.

CPS&IoT’2020 Summer School is collocated with:

The registration to CPS&IoT’2019 Summer School entitles to free participation in CPS&IoT’2020 Conference and MECO’2020 Conference sessions. The Summer School participants are encouraged to submit their papers to the CPS&IoT’2020 Conference and MECO’2020 Conference.

CPS&IoT’2019 Summer School Program will be composed of four days of lectures, demonstrations, practical hands-on sessions, and discussions, as well as, free participation in ECYPS 2019 and MECO 2019 sessions. The topics of the lectures, demonstrations, and practical hands-on sessions cover several major CPS applications (focusing on modern mobile applications that require high-performance or low energy consumption, as well as, high reliability, security and safety), computing technology for modern  CPS, CPS architectures, development problems and solutions, as well as, design methodologies and design tools for  CPS. Detailed list of the CPS&IoT’2019 Presentations including the names of their authors and presenters will be provided in the Schedule of the CPS&IoT’2019 Summer School. To stimulate interaction between lecturers and participants, only a limited number of participants will be admitted.


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Venue and transportation:

Venue of CPS&IoT’2019 is Hotel Budva*****, Budva, Montenegro. Budva is a 3500 years old town located at the Adriatic Sea coast of Montenegro. It is a popular touristic destination, with its charming Old Town, beautiful natural environment, 35 clean sandy beaches, and proximity to many famous touristic attractions as Kotor, Boka Kotorska, Sveti Stefan, Dubrovnik, and several national parks. It is an excellent place to have the summer school and conference in a relaxed and friendly atmospheer. For accomodation Hotel Budva***** and Hotel Slovenska Plaza**** are advised, but there are many other accommodation possibilities in Budva. Budva is very well accessible by plane. Podgorica Airport is about 65 km from Budva and it receives regular flights from Vienna, Paris, Rome, Zürich, Frankfurt, Warsaw, Ljubljana, Belgrade, and Instanbul, while Tivat Airport (about 20km from Budva) and Dubrovnik Airport (65km from Budva) are very frequent vacation and charter flight destinations during the spring and summer time. More about Venues and Transporation...


• Evaluation based on feedback from participants of the CPS&IoT'2019 Summer School:

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  • Proceedings of the 1st CPS&IoT’2019 (on ResearchGate).

Coordinator and establisher:


Prof. dr Lech Jozwiak

Eindhoven Technical University

1st Summer School, 2019
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