The 7th EUROMICRO/IEEE Workshop on Embedded and Cyber-Physical Systems ECYPS'2019

ECYPS 2019 - the 7th EUROMICRO/IEEE Workshop on Embedded and Cyber-Physical Systems will be held in the scope of MECO 2019 - Cyber-physical systems (CPS) are smart compound systems engineered through seamless integration of embedded information processing sub-systems and physical sub-systems. The vision of smart systems connected and collaborating through various interfaces and communication media to form the global Internet of Things (IoT) is not a science-fiction anymore, but is quickly becoming an actual reality. The future smarter and more fit to use CPS will have important applications in virtually all economic and social segments, and their economic and societal impact will be enormous. Therefore, major investments are being made worldwide to research and develop the CPS technology. ECYPS’2019 is devoted to CPS for modern highly-demanding applications that require high-performance and/or low energy consumption, as well as, high safety, security and reliability. It addresses the architectures, technology, design methodology and EDA tools for such systems. Its target participants are academic researchers and teachers, industrial researchers, developers and decision-makers, and Ph.D. students. It gives an excellent opportunity to disseminate fresh research results from European, international and other  R&D projects. The topics of main interest include the following:

  • advanced applications and case studies of systems in consumer appliances,  healthcare, personal assistance, environmental and safety monitoring, industrial and leaving-space automation, aerospace, aviation, transportation, automotive, energy generation and control, infrastructure, communications,  tele-operation and robotics, etc.
  • mobile, autonomous, wearable and implantable systems
  • application analysis, characterization and parallelization for high-performance and low-energy computing
  •  multi-domain modeling, analysis, synthesis, simulation, integration and validation of heterogeneous systems
  •  multi-objective and multi-domain optimization and co-design of heterogeneous systems
  • MPSoCs, sensors, actuators, MEMS, their integration and packaging
  •  sensor-based (distributed, networked) monitoring and control
  • sub-system arrangement and communication in complex heterogeneous (3D) systems
  • safety, security and reliability of complex heterogeneous systems

ECYPS is associated event to the MECO.

Thus, SUBMISSIONS, REGISTRATION, ACCOMODATION etc should be done via MECO pages. 



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