Excursions and Social Life

Dear Participants,

We would like to inform you that during the Conference two optional excursions are planned. They are NOT included in registration fees of the conference and are distributed on the terms of additional payment. The price are very low cost because of MECO subsidies.


  1. The 13th of June - Montenegro Tour, 28 euros, including traditional meal
  2. The 14th of June - Skadar Lake, 32 euros, including traditional meal

You can choose excursions independently from each other: you could take only one or both of them if you wish.

For more information and submission please refer to:

Excursions info and submissions>>>

The payment for the excursions has to be made in cash at the registration desk of the conference on the first day (the 10th of June). The excursions are offered by Turart company.

The form will be closed on the 10th of June.

ATTENTION: meal and all touristic fees/taxes are included in prices.

Any additional info on meco.conference@gmail.com with subject MECO Excursions

NOTE: The main language of the excursions is English. The excursions could also be held in Russian and German if there will be enough people who is interested in.

See you at our excurssions.


MECO Social Life Team

The 11th of June – Budva city tour and Guitar Duo Concert

In the evening walking tour through the old town of Budva is planned.  You will hear information about this beautiful town and its history. You will be able to see some seesights of Budva such as Ruins of Roman-Era Necropolis, Saint Ivan Church, Cathedral of the Holy Trinity, Santa Maria in Punta Church, Castello fortress and etc.

After our walking tour with the licensed tour guide we will return to the Hotel Budva and there will  be a Guitar Duo Concert, which will be played by famous montenegrin guitarists Srđan Bulatović and Darko Nikčević.

The duo has performed for national and international audiences, presenting their original pieces of classical and flamenco guitar. The concert features compositions from their most recent album Balkan, Mediterranean, Orient. Varied in character, style, rhythm, and tempo, the music shares a common thread of Montenegrin traditional music, movie soundtracks, world music, and popular contemporary movements.
Here you will communicate with colleges in relaxing atmosphere.

Our social event managers wish you spend a good time and see you here!