Keynote Speakers

The program of Keynotes of MECO 2019 synergizes the research of major universities of the World, with the stress on the symbiosis of modern computing, Nobel Prize research, and the socially responsible economy, high-tech ndustry and services. As the last year we are prepearing a list of very competent speakers. 

Keynote Speakers are selected among the academic leaders (above 1000 Googe Scholar citatations),  the outstanding industrial leaders, award-winning young talent, government officials, and socially responsible opinion leaders.

Proud on our previous Keynotes (some of them...)

The list of the Keynotes 2019:



Jerome Friedman, MIT, Nobel Laureate
Due to illness, prof. Friedman will address MECO by letter and video message.
The participants of the MECO events wish fast recovery and good health to Prof. Friedman.
Sierd Cloetingh, President of COST and President of Academia Europaea
The Mission of COST
Eva Kondorosi, VicePresident of ERC and Visionary of the FP9 THE VISION OF ERC
The Mission of ERC
Gerhard Klimeck, Purdue University Electrical and Computer Engineering – always “ON”
New Paradigms in Global Scientific Knowledge Transfer, Publishing, and Assessment
Anton Kos, University of Ljubljana
Biofeedback in Sport and Rehabilitation
Ivona Brandic, Technical University of Vienna
Facilitating Near Real Time Analytics on the Edge
Sergey Luksha and Stanislaw Goll, Ryazan State Radio Engineering University (RSREU), Russia
Nicolas Sklavos, University of Patras
In the Era of Cybersecurity: Cryptographic Hardware and Embedded Systems
Hana Kubátová, CTU in Prague
Dependability Problems in Interconnected World
Reinhard Haas, TUW, Austria
On the role of storage integration in smart energy systems
Amela Ajanovic, TU Wien
On the integration of electric vehicles into the energy system
Keynote at ELEMED Workshop
Zeev Zalevsky et all, Bar-Ilan University, Israel
Fiber-based Photonic-FPGA Architecture and In-Fiber Computing
Yervant ZorianChief Architect and Fellow at Synopsys

President of Synopsys Armenia, Trends & Challenges in Today’s Automotive SOCs

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