NEW!!! Because of huge numbers of requests we received today (05.04), MECO and ECYPS deadlines are extended till April 12 2019, to allow participants to complete/update their work without pressure!
Submission deadline wor Works in Progress Session is May 06, 2019 
  • The MECO and ECYPS papers need to be prepared strictly according to the IEEE Conference Template.
  • The templates for associated workshops or special sessions are the same.
  • An optimal paper length is 4 pages and a maximum 6 pages.
  • Each extra page (> 4) is the subject of additional fee charge!. 
  • For the prices of extra page charge see Registration page.

MECO & ECYPS 2019 Paper Templates and registration forms:


NOTE: Very important!! The names, surnames, midle names, order of the authors and affiliations etc.. in Easy Chair submission amust be identical with as in paper. Otherwise we will consider the paper technically incorrect (could not be submitted to IEEE Xplore).

  • WIP (Works in Progress Session). For submission adequate material and download templates pls go to  
  • Projects and Companies Dissemination. For submission adequate material  and download templates pls go to

Reviewing process:

  • On-line via EasyChair upon receiving email invitation. The instructions on how to answer this review request
    can be found at the bottom of this letter.
  • Off-line, by sending review as attachment to us.

1) Download off-line review form

2) Fill it and save under name "MECO'2019 Review X X" as example "MECO'2019 Review 2 Smith"

3) Return it to us from here or send it to with subject [MECO'2019 Review] Paper: #X, Name: X, As example, MECO'2019 Review] Paper: #3, Name: Smith.