Regarding COVID-19 situation. How are things going now, MECO'2020 and CPSIoT'2020 will take place REMOTELY. The Summer School will be delayed. 


If there are extremely optimistic developments, we will keep you updated. 

Considering what is happening, and having desire to keep the MECO and CPSIoT community united, Organisation Committte  decided to reduce registration fees for this year. 


Fee calculator>>

A) General terms

  • MECO & CPS&IoT are low budget events, aimed to encourage participation of young scientists and colleagues from developing countries, without diminishing their quality.
  • MECO events maintain a very high standard and strong double reviewing process. 
  • MECO engages outstanding keynotespeakers including the Nobels as well as other members of research and academic community.
  • One registration is valid for one paper.
  • Traditional participants, students, authors of several papers, participants from developing countries, and participants coming from the institutions that contribute to conference as co-organisators have discount. Also the authors helped in reviewing process are subject of discount. 
  • Specific terms:
  1. All papers will be reviewed and those who have been accepted will be published in Conference Proceedings  (digital form) 
  2. Accepted papers will be submited for inclusion in IEEE Xplore, SCOPUS, WoS;
  3. Regarding "Force Majeure" situation (caused by COVID-19),  the organisators cannot guarantee that  requests or conditions, which do not depend strictly of of organiser, will be fulfilled. We will do our best. 
  4. Tthe registrations paid via MECOnet include VAT. The registration via MANT is considered   as sponsorship/donation. Both  reqistrations in term of publishing are equalinclude above items.  
  5. To escape hyperpublishing and hyperauthorship one person can be author or co-author in maximum 3 papers per Workshop. 
  6. One author can register for maximum 2 papers. In this case for 2nd one has discount. 3rd paper is not subject of discount.
  7. If institution, team or author want to pay registration for more than 2 papers or group should ask organiser for discount.  As example I (my intitution) want/s to pay for 5 papers.

To calculate your fee and to pay registration, or to ask for group invoice, discount or to clarify any issue regarding payment pls go to MECO and CPSIoT fees calculator:


The list of the registered authors (updated every day)>>>

if you have paid the registration and you are not on this list 7 days after the payment pls. inform us. 

B) Regitration fees

Early registration for MECO and CPS&IoT, till 20.05.2020

• Full, 310EUR 
• Student, 210EUR
  • Author with short/WiP/demo paper, 200EUR, 
  • Passive participant,  140EUR
  • Extra page charge (for more tha 4 pages, discounted): See Calculator. 

Late registration for MECO and CPS&IoT , after 20.05.2020 and before 31.05.2020.

• Full, 360EUR 
• Student, 260EUR
  • Author with short/WiP/demo paper, 220EUR
  • Passive participant,  140EUR
  • Extra page charge (for more tha 4 pages): See calculator
 Summer School on CPS&IoT


There are 2 ways to pay registration fee

  • Via MECOnet d.o.o.  In this case you will receive the Invoice with VAT.

    In additional classical way of payments MECOnet provide 


  • Via MANT Association, non-profit organisation. In this case you can participate at MECO conference buy paying MECO membership, which is valid for all MECO events in 2019 and thus for MECO'2019. In this case you will receive the receipt  without VAT (not Invoice). MANT gives discount of additional 10%.


  • Before the payment you can calculate automatically amount need to pay by MECO fees Calculator.  You can copy your above status and amount in email, requesting invoice to or put this ammount in epayment system.

Payment Via MECOnet d.o.o.:  


From Montenegro: via  Bank account (Ziro Racun)

MECOnet d.o.o.
510-9839332, CKB-Crnogorska Komercijalna Banka
Purpose/Svrha: Registracija za MECO 2019, rad #xxx
From abroad: by Incoming Payment Instructions (SWIFT)
The SWIFT bank provision must be paid by payer!
Shorten SWIFT for MECOnet:
The bank acount of the receiver:
The receiver: MECONET D.O.O.
Account with receivers: IBAN: ME25510000000009839332
Detailed SWIFT for MECOnet:
Pls do not mix Intermediary bank with Account with Institution!
Field 56 - Intermediary bank:
Swift Address: DEUTDEFF
Name: Deutsche Bank AG, Frankfurt
Field 57 - Account with Institution:
Party Identifier: 100 9363045 0000 EUR,.
Swift Address: CKBCMEPG
Field 59 - Beneficiary Customer
IBAN: ME25510000000009839332
Name & Address: "MECONET"  DOO
81000, Podgorica, MONTENEGRO
Field 70 - Remittance information
Name Surname #p, Registration code:
As example: Marko Markovic #34, REG1-MECO-ECYPS
In case you register for other events like summers schools, trainings do not put the number of the paper:
As example: Marko Markovic REG4- CPS&IoT2019
PLEASE BE WARNED: The amount on your slip will be higher about 4% than the fee itself because of the bank fee for online payment. We do not invoice, bank provision. 


 Payment via MANT Association:



By "priznanica" or bank transfer to:
Z.R:  540-4835-93, ERSTE BANK AG Podgorica
Svrha: MECO'2019 Clanarina za rad #...


The SWIFT bank provision must be paid by payer!
Pls do not mix Intermediary bank with Account with Institution!

59: Beneficiary and account
ME25 5401 1000 2361 0871 65
57: Beneficiary Bank
Erste Bank AD Podgorica
Podgorica, ME
70: Remittance information
Name Surname, MECO2017 Membership for paper #(number of paper), As example Marko Markovic, MECO2017 Membership, paper #34
56: Correspondent bank /Intermediary (EUR) (if required)
Erste & Steiermaerkische bank DD
Rijeka, HR