3rd Workshop on Electrical Energy Markets and Engineering Education 

Accociated to MECO 2020 and Erasmus+ CBHE project: Electrical Energy Markets and Engineering Education


June 08-12, 2020, Budva, Montenegro

Guest Editor: Reinhard Haas, Techical University Vienna,  haas@eeg.tuwien.ac.at 


is a capacity building proejct designed to facilitate electrical engineering curricula to be competitive through teaching and training in smart gird technologies and electricity markets. Expected outputs include new BSc courses, a MSc programme, training of academic and technical staff, new ICT pedagogical tools, such as e-learning platforms and gamified content combined with blended learning, an internship programme for the most motivated of the ELEMEND students, new laboratories accessible to all partners, an ELEMEND network around the core group of the project’s industrial partners. The student projects carried out in ELEMEND labs in the third project year will focus on real‐life problems while the e‐learning courses, gamified applications, virtual labs, new courses and Master’s programme are expected to engage new students and relevant target groups after the lifetime of the project as well as enhance public’s awareness.


Facilitated by the developments in renewable energy sources RES and distributed generation as well as ICT technologies allowing bi-directional information flow and intelligent control, smart grid and microgrid technologies are recognized as a world changing trend that will permeate everyday life and reshape all energy related industry and businesses. These developments have expedited the deregulation of existing electricity markets and facilitated the emergence of new ones. The new paradigms of electricity grids and markets require that the staff operating in the new techological and economical envirroment as well as electricity end users are properly educated and trained.
This workshop on Electrical Energy Markets and Engineering Education is devoted to discussing the latest developments in engineering education in view of the technological, economic and institutional developments. In a rapidly changing world, higher education must strive to pass the torch of knowledge to the next generation preparing the future scientists and engineers that will address modern life issues to the benefit of the society on the one hand and design the future on the other. Courses and curricula must encompass current and future trends on the solid ground of existing knowledge.
Topics of the workshop may include recent developments in electricity markets in the EU and the rest of the world, RES microgrids, ICT for smart grids, end user behavior modification, engineering curricula, informal education on related topics.

Use MECO submission rules . The template is the same. The accepted papers will be considered as full MECO papers and they will be presented in EdPeCSEEE Session.

MECO rules apply

Last year (ELEMEND 2019) papers:

More at: MECO'2019 (IEEE xPlore Digital Library)

  1. Ilias Billas, John Konstantaras, Eleftherios Tsambasis, Charalambos Elias, Aphrodite Ktena,
  2. Christos Manasis, Smart load for a Hybrid Microgrid Testbed 
  3. Nicholas Assimakis, Christos Manasis, Aphrodite Ktena, Electric Load Estimation using Kalman and Lainiotis Filters
  4. Enea Mele, Ioannis Tzanis-Kontomichalos, Lambros Sarakis, Aphrodite Ktena, A Secure, Open Source WSN-Based Monitoring System using CM5000 Motes 
  5. Nejdet Dogru, Emir Salihagi´c, Mehrija Hasiˇci´c, Jasmin Kevri´c, Jasna Hivziefendi, Nonintrusive Real Time Classification of Home and Office Appliances from Smart Meter by Using Machine Learning Techniques
  6. Adis Balota, Selma Grebovi´c, Maja Delibašic, Calibration of Sensors for Lightning Stroke Measurment
  7. Reinhard Haas, On the Relevance of Storage Integration in Smart Electricity Systems
  8. Amela Ajanovic, Reinhard Haas, On the Integration of Electric Vehicles into the Energy System 
  9. Rupamathi Jaddivada, Sruthi Davuluri, Magnus Korpaas, Marija Ilic, Recursive Algorithm for Resource Allocation in Radial Network Systems
  10. Michelle Lauer, Rupamathi Jaddivada, Marija Ilic, Household Energy Prediction: Methods and Applications for Smarter Grid Design