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One of the main objectives of MECO project (embeddedcomputing.me) is to offer scientific community with a range of quality publications of different profiles:  1) high ranked Proceedings and Journals and 2) open access articles, whose goal is to quickly publish ideas and overcome sciencemetrics barriers.  

The publications from partnes' intitutions. The Elsevier's SCIE journal Microprocessors and Microsystems, operated by our strategic partner EUROMICRO publishes selected MECO and ECYPS articles . (see the call of the last year)


  • MECOnet Library (Library that consists open access material for education and research in field of embedded and general computing as well as in related fields. If you have any contribution (pressentation, short or long text, magazine article please write us...). 

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They are oriented towards the publication of scientific, technological and education papers, exclusively to those who intend to publish the work in order to advance science, society and economic development, not being "scriboman" and not burdened with "publish or perish" and sciencometrics. We simply publish original ideas and works derived from real experiments that can be usefull to everyone. All articless are subject of expert review and can be 1) design idea (1 page long), 2) short article (1-2 pages long) and 3) regular articles (more than 3 pages long). 

Currently, we publish one journal with such mission and frequency 1-2 issues per year. Works in Progress in Embedded Computing (WiPiEC Journal). It is also devoted to the Works in Progress Session of MECO and ECYPS. 

Works in Progress in Embedded Computing (WiPiEC Journal)

An international journal devetod to the embedded computing technologies.

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